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Your vegan or vegetarian right’? How many times have I been asked this question?

The answer is NO, a big NO! We don’t make anything for any type of diet, cause or belief system. If I have been asked this once it has been a thousand times a year or more. Just because the company name has beans in it does not mean we favour one type of diet over another. We don’t make anything that is considered within the confines of any diet, cause or food belief system.

We are NOT a Vegetarian or Vegan based company. Many often assume we are a vegetarian or vegan based company and that is false information. We are so often asked about it or are the subject of rumours and misinformation that we are forced to address this issue and cannot ignore it. All our products contain meat, chicken, fish, eggs, and many other ingredients.  Our most popular selling burger is the Chicken Burger for example, and yet despite how many times we tell people, many will assume that it is some kind of fake chicken meat when it is nothing of the sort. We simply mix beans with other ingredients (beef, fish, chicken, eggs, etc) to make great tasting bean burgers it is not rocket science. Our regular burger, for example, is a meatless option however that contains some ingredients that would not be classified as vegetarian or vegan. We have no intentions either of doing any products that fit into that category in the future so don’t ask; we have tired some in the past only to appease customers who had those needs; however, the product did not sell very good or perform well in sales and it was discontinued. We don’t make any of our products to fit into any diet or belief system period. 

I hope this clears up the issue, I do not want to have to do this however it is having negative effects on our business and I am forced to lead with, ‘what we are not’.  This is something I just do not want to have to do however; sometimes you just do not have a choice. Even if you did one product that fits into a specific category, does that mean your whole focus or business is 100% focused on that area?


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