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Why Black Bean Burgers Suck.

I am often asked about ‘Black Bean Burgers’ and when I am I often cringe and almost even resent the question.  Here is why? The popularity of the black bean burger has been fully generated by Google and Google alone.   Many people who have tried black bean burgers for the first time found that has been their last time as well.  Black Beans have merit and are good for you, just not good to in a burger format.   We did one burger with black beans (Tuna) only because I caved to the pressure of everyone asking me to do one.   I know someone is going to tell me they do a great tasting black bean burger, and I am going to ask you does it fall apart on the BBQ?  Do you have to pick the pieces of it out the cooking pan and duct tape it to a bun to make it look like a burger? Do you have to load it up with so many spices to make it not taste like cardboard?

The truth of the matter is black beans suck for burgers, almost tasteless, will not hold together and leave that wet cardboard like feel and taste in your mouth as you eat it…yum!  I can hardly wait to get my next one (sarcasm).  I know when people ask me about them they simply do not understand and mean no ill will, but our products are much better quality.  

Chuck’s Bean Burgers we use a mixture of different kinds of beans, ones that have been carefully choose for taste, texture, consistency.  We want to you have that look on your face when you try it for the first time you are surprised there are beans in it.   Plus our burgers are more filling and only have real ingredients in them, and are much healthier for you.

Some recipes we have done took over 100 attempts to reach the perfection, taste and texture we wanted.  There is whole different standard before you can be a Chuck’s Bean Burger.


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