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What is Chuck’s Bean Burgers & what is our goal? It may not be what you think or were told.

Every time you hear about a new company? Your first questions are usually. Who are they? What do they do?  What products do they make? Where are they located? Etc.  However soon after we just want to naturally put them into a category and make it simple. Sometimes we rush to judgment and label a company and it really does not fit into that category.  Even with all of the powerful online marketing tools today, it is still no match for word of mouth advertisement. You have the power to make or break a company. That is correct, you do!  A properly labeled company can get a wonderful boost from this and if it is not it can really hurt your business. 

When Chuck’s Bean Burgers first started we never intended to be under the banner of one type of diet or cause we just wanted to make good food with real ingredients.  However, we often get identified with a cause or certain type of food diet and nothing could be further from the truth.  We subscribe to no diet or cause we just want regular people eating more beans, so we come up with a tasty new way to eat them. For us the idea was so simple and made sense, how could anyone not understand our purpose? Or so we thought…

Once a company gets labeled into one special diet/cause over another (like ours has), here is what takes place people who are in that group flock to you; however they are soon upset by the fact you are not fully dedicated to their cause or set of beliefs and stop buying from you.  At this point the word of mouth damage may already be done, because others are thinking you fit into a category that is of no interest to them.  Do you see the dilemma? When the truth is we make products out of chicken, beef, fish, eggs and many other kinds of flavors and products.  So we do not fit into any category nor are we limited to one set of beliefs or ideology that many claim we are holding too.  Why should we only make products that suit one group over another?  The best way is not to get caught up into that in the first place and that is what we tried to do, however that is not what has happened. Never the less it has got to the point where I have to address this issue, as it is hurting our sales and having negative effects on our company. So if anyone tells you we are a company that promotes one specific diet/cause, you’ve been misinformed.


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