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What are Bean burgers? The unanticipated joys of introducing a new product into a local area.

What are Bean Burgers?

We worked months, perfecting recipes, getting permits, legal requirements and equipment set up to run and operate our own business. It was an exciting new product and we were ready to tell the world about how good and wonderful it is. We were pumped and ready to go with our enthusiasm soaring in the clouds.  

Prospects come through the door at the market to inquire and they want to ask you questions because new and inquiring minds want to know. You tell them they are bean burgers…and many times they would look at you like you have three heads and curl their nose up and quickly make exit. It is quite a sight to witness the response of a lot of people and how derogatory and unaccepting of a new product can be. Many will not even let you finish your sentence or tell them what the product is.  With enough negative responses, your enthusiasm starts to tank and you wonder if you should have even done this in the first place. Thankfully others came along and were totally open to the product, understood the value of it and wanted to try it. THANK GOODNESS because I was nearly deflated. If your one of those types of people I want to say ‘Thank you’ even if you didn’t buy from us, you’re awesome!

Can you image the first time ice cream was made? Who would want frozen milk products? What a ridiculous idea that is, no one is going to buy that. What did people think after knowing that the worst parts of the pig are ground up and stuffed into a casing made from the intestines of animals for sausages? If it was the first time you heard about it how would it sound to you?

So when I say ‘Bean Burger’ what is it that makes people turn their head the other way or outright snub their nose at you? It is just because it’s a new product and they don’t have any idea what it is? So let’s start with the basics, do you like beans? Most will say yes others may not but that is fine. When I ask them what ways do you prepare or enjoy eating beans, I often receive similar answers – “Baked”. Great now we are making progress. My next question is do you eat chicken, fish or beef? Most reply “Yes”. Now that I know you enjoy eating beans and meat products, this leads me to the Bean Burger concept. What we do at Chuck’s Bean Burgers is simple, we mix the beans with the meats or other variations of real food. Most cases you don’t even know you are eating beans, but to be fair, that was the point in the first place; otherwise, I would have just stayed with baked beans and spared myself the work. Most people often assume we are a vegan/vegetarian company and want nothing to do with us and how do I know this? I can tell when they roll their eyes and mutter under their breath as we get that evil stare when they are walking away, believe it or not, this happens! Human nature is simple, we rush to judgment way to quick. Many of us are not open to trying new foods and that is okay, but think about that horrible ice cream idea that no one in the right mind would want. What if we didn’t have ice cream when we were kids?

So what is a bean burger? Simply put, it is just a mixture of meat, fish, some meatless, put together with spices and seasonings. We add products like real onions, peppers, mushrooms, garlic, etc to make it taste delicious. Our slogan is Chuck’s Bean Burgers makes beans taste delicious.

 When you think of a normal burger what probably comes to mind is ground beef formed into a patty, cooked, placed in a bun with added condiments. How many of you would just eat the burger plain with no bun or condiments? Not that many, why? Because it just does not taste that great by itself and needs some flavor and sprucing up. We put that sizzle in the bean burger, and to be honest many don’t even know they are eating beans until we tell them. If you took your meat lovers and gave them a Chuck’s Bean & Beef Burger, they would not know the difference, I guarantee this. Why? Because they have a beautiful smoke BBQ smell that just gets your taste buds jumping, and when you take that first bite you’ll know exactly what I mean. It is real beef! Plus we are willing to bet you’re getting a lot more real beef, chicken or fish in our burgers/fishcakes then most of the other brands out there on the market today. 

Who wants to eat beans every day? Not me, but with my new bean burger recipes, I can eat beans every day while reaping the optimal benefits of beans. Take it for what it’s worth, but my health today is conditional to what I eat and that is the reason why I am sharing my products with you.


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