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The Bean Bucket update, Where to purchase, prices, info, get the when, where and why.

This blog post is updated on a regular basis without notice check back for the most up to date information.

Update March 11, 2020
Due to the coming pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid-19) it could disrupt many of our plans and things could change or be adjusted depending on the outbreak and what happens. We simply don’t know at this time.

Once we are up and running in 2020 here is how you can purchase our products. First sign up for our newsletter it is the only way we are notifying customers of the ordering cycle. We will announce a pickup date, time and location via email update. You will have a week or more in some cases to submit your order online. You can pay via credit card or e-transfer all orders will need to be prepaid. Once we have all the orders in we will close the store about a week ahead of the pickup date, so we can make the orders and complete the products for you. Our products will only be made on demand and only if the order is prepaid. Some products we may have in limited quantities that are the popular selling ones, for example the regular, chicken, beef and fish cakes only. You may be able to purchase these when we are onsite in our food trailer, however we make no guarantee the quantities or type of burgers you want will be in stock. It will be best to pre-order online. This will keep our products fresh made each time you place an order.

Our first pickup location (once up and running again) will be St. Peters, Nova Scotia. If we can get enough interest in the Antigonish, NS, area we would like to do one there also. So if you are in that area and interested please let us know. Just email us will be fine, thank you.

In the event there are no orders placed online for that pickup cycle, we will cancel it completely and start over on the next cycle.

All our food is sold FROZEN

Other information:
We are in the process of setting up our own approved commercial kitchen, that is why the opening will be delayed. As many of you know we were renting kitchens in the past, we are no longer going to do that. How long will this take? We are not sure, there are a lot of factors that affect this and of course the big one is always the money (or should I say lack there of…). I expect 4-6 months all said and done. However if it takes longer so be it.

Also too prevent misinformation about our company we will not be operating in the Sydney area anymore (there is not enough support in the Sydney area to justify it, so we are moving to other areas). The only place within Cape Breton that maybe a possibility would be St. Peters (that will be updated at a later date). We will be adding runs to the Halifax area and other parts of Nova Scotia eventually so keep posted for that update. Most likely we will do runs closer to home first like Antigonish first.

Also we are no longer on any social media, so if you want updates sign up for our newsletter. Social media has been a colossal waist of time and effort and to be honest I am glad to be rid of it. Our focus will be selling direct to the consumer and talking with them at each location we will be selling at in the future.


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