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Can you BBQ them?
Yes, that was the only way I would make them and they will not fall apart  Just be careful not to overheat them or will burn.

Do I need to defrost them first?
No, right from the freezer to frying pan…BBQ..etc

What does the term “No Added Salt” mean?
The product does not have salt added, but does not mean that it is a “sodium free” food.  All our nutritional labels indicate that by showing the total sodium amount and recommend daily intake.   Salt or Sodium is commonly found is almost all food products naturally so it is almost impossible to have a salt free product, or at least one that has any taste to it.  The term ‘no salt added’ does not mean ‘No Salt’ it just simply means it only has the salt that naturally occurs in each ingredient.  We do not add extra salt in any of our Bean Burgers (unless stated).

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