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Cooking Directions

How do you cook a Chuck’s Bean Burger
Cooking directions:
You can cook them from frozen and do not need to defrost them, however if you would like to defrost them it is best to do it in the fridge. Some burgers taste better with different types of cooking oils. See below.
  • Chuck’s Bean Burger (Regular) Bean Burger. Cook for 5-6 minutes on each side on a lower heat setting than normal.  You can leave them on longer but just make sure they are not too hot or will burn.  We personally like them lightly charred but must be careful not to burn them, it gives them a meaty taste. I always add more Extra Virgin Olive Oil to these types.
  • Chuck’s Bean (BBQ Chicken) (Beef) Burger cook on low-mid heat for 8-10 minutes on each side, because there is chicken/beef etc in them they need to reach an inside temperature to reach 74 Celsius. You do not need to add any oil to these burgers just cook them slow on a little then lower temperature.
  • Chuck’s FishCakes can be cooked on a normal heat, best cooked in a frying pan with vegetable oil (we found that oil tasted best).  Cook till golden brown on each side, about 8-10 minutes on each side.  Be careful not too hot or could burn. They taste fantastic cooked this way.

If you BBQ them just make sure that they do not get too hot (or will burn) if you have a temperature gauge on your BBQ once you reach around 275F It is best to open the lid and let the heat out, you can flip the Bean Burgers often to get a gauge of when they will start to burn and learn to cook to the desired way you prefer them.  You may also add oil if you want when you BBQ them, don’t over do it or the oil or might catch on fire. If you BBQ the Chuck’s Bean & Chicken Burger just use a little extra care when flipping them over.


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  1. You don’ t mention if they are cooked frozen or thawed when you cook them and there is no ingredient label on the ones I bought from you at the Market. So my husband is cooking them frozen at the moment – hope that is going to work! My guess is he should have taken them out and thawed them! Looking forward to eating them for the first time.

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