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Hi my name is Chuck and about 5 years ago I had to stop eating red meats and pork (due to Ulcerative Colitis) and to be honest I really found that hard to give up. I was the type of person that BBQ’d all year around and didn’t really feel my hunger was satisfied unless I had a big steak or a thick burger. I turned to a lot more chicken and eggs and after awhile I wanted other things. I wanted to BBQ a burger again or eat something that was real food.

Out of this thought came the idea for Chuck’s Bean Burgers. I want something that satisfied the hunger and nothing on the market compares. Try them and you will see what I mean. Don’t just take my word for it.

What I got out of this quest was a lot more then what I intended; my health has improved and I feel a whole lot better these days.

The truth of the matter is we all know beans are good for us, but let’s face it some of us do not like them. They are high in fiber, protein and vitamins; however they can be a lot of preparation and very time consuming to make. This is an easy way to reap the benefits of eating beans without having to do any of the work. For me, I can still go to a BBQ and have a burger with my friends and not feel like I am missing out. So after a couple years of hearing everyone tell me you could sell these, I started to believe maybe I could but was not really sure until after I meant Amanda is January of 2018 she really was instrumental in us creating Chuck’s Bean Burgers the company.

How did Chucks Bean Burgers really get started? Have I ever told any of you that story?

In January of 2018 I met Amanda and we started dating. I cooked for her and wanted to impress her, so I made about 5 different dishes, just in case she didn’t like something. That night I told her about these burgers I make that I called ‘Bean Burgers’ and she wanted to try them, so I made them a few days later. The first bite she looked at me in amazement. I was not sure if she really liked them or disliked them. She said to me, “Chuck you have to sell these they are awesome”. I was a little taken back and said, “No one is going to buy these…I have no idea how to do this as a business”.

The first time I met Amanda I fell in love with her. It was love at first site. I just could not help myself and I was not looking at the time either. However I really felt that I could not let her get away. You see, she is the kindest, most amazing woman I have ever met. I could brag about her for hours. I melt when I look into her eyes as her beauty takes me away. So when she said that she wanted me to sell them and that she thinks it would really work, that just made it hard to say no. It was not until about June that I thought it would actually work, and then when I sold my first package I knew it would work. I really want to give Amanda credit, as they say behind every good man is a woman. That woman is Amanda. I could not have done this business without her or even got it off the ground. It is just the truth plain and simple. She is my air and we are each other’s biggest fans, and yes I still do all the cooking, so be careful of first impressions as you might have to do it all the time. In truth I love cooking and enjoy making her happy.

Amanda and I (Chuck) are both Christians and trust in Jesus for all our daily needs to be met.  Jesus is our Lord and Savior, and we are proud to be Born Again Christians.   In this day and age it is not popular to talk about this subject and everyone wants you to leave ‘religion’ out of it; we choose not do that.  We are governed by the principals and moral guidelines that are set for us in the bible (God’s Word).   We believe deeply in our faith in Jesus and He has a huge part in this business and our daily lives.

The rest as they say is history in the making. Let’s see where this road takes us. I am so excited to see people taste what we make and enjoy it, as well as having a healthy impact on them. It gives me a special feeling when I see that happen or hear you tell me about it.


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  1. Loved your story, were Christian too and I can’t wait to try your bean burgers. I lean heavily vegetarian though not 100% and I’m always trying to find great vegetarian options for my husband. He feels a lot better physically when I do that for him. I saw your burgers in the food hub. My husband and I farm organic fruit and veg are members. I love beans! Really looking forward to trying your burgers. What can we do to help you get into Sobys?

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